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PostSubject: Namekians   Sat Jan 19, 2008 10:32 pm

Namekians, the plantlike race Piccolo belonged to, and the race who created the Dragon balls. Known for their generally peaceful nature and their ability to regenerate. This race starts with their own space pod so they are the only race that can travel through space easily. These beans start with a pl of 1,000,000 pl.

The namekians have the ability to raise their Pl by half of their own during a fight or training, though this has no effect on the god mod rule, e.g. say the namekian started a fight with 2,000,000 Pl, and they were facing an opponent with a Pl of 1 mil. The namekian could raise his Pl by half of his own Pl which would be 1,000,000 therefore giving him a temporary 3,000,000 Pl, but he could not God mod, even though his Pl would now be three times that of the opponent.

Anyway, since many Nameks prefer peace to war, they have little in the way of combat ability. Because of this, their fighting techniques take a longer time to perfect than others. For example, if a move would take one post to perfect, namekians must make two posts of equal or higher. If a move would take three posts to perfect, a namekian must make four posts, also of equal or higher quality. Whoever is training the namekian still needs to permit the trainee to use the move, but so will an admin.

There are three transformations: Super Namek, Super Namek 2, and Legendary Namek. Super Namek is gained when you reach 10 mil pl. As for what you get when you transform, this is a 20x multiplier transformation.

Super Namek 2 can only be gained by training with Dende. Dende may ask a favor of you before he trains or else some sort of challenge to prove you are worthy of the transformation. You must have at least 15 mil Pl before you can train with Dende for this.. It is a 30x Pl multiplier.

The third transformation, Legendary Namek, can only be attained by collecting the Namekian Dragonballs and wishing for it. It is a 50x multiplier, but must have atleast 30 mil

The look of the Namek does not change with these transformations, apart from the slight bulge in muscle.
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