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PostSubject: Bioandroid   Sat Jan 19, 2008 10:31 pm

Here's the thing with Bioandroids; they're really a race of killers, plain and simple. I'm not saying that you have to play an evil Bio, but if you play one that's against killing it's going to mean you get stronger much, much slower, and you won't be getting any transformations. The premise of a Bio is to kill and suck the life out of people. The stronger they are, the more power the Bio will get when they absorb them. Androids are another factor. Like Cell, Bios will become far more powerful when they absorb an Android. Unlike with normal people, they do this by opening the tip of their tail and swallowing the Android whole. This can be done with normal people as well, as Cell tried it with Goku, but as anyone who watched that saw it can be hard to keep your food down when it's still alive, which is why sucking the bio-extract from the living body is usually a better choice.

Because it's going to be mainly players who will be using Androids, Bioandroids are going to be a tricky race to play until this place fills up a bit more. So, in light of that fact, I figured what we'd do is have high powered NPCs, played by Trunks or myself, happen across Bioandroids from time to time if they've done a good job on their RP so far. The Bioandroid will have the opportunity to attack and absorb them...if they can beat them. Some of these will simply be strong fighters, others may actually be Androids and give you a shot at transforming. Also, when training, your real 'training' will be stalking through a city and absorbing whoever you can catch. This can't be done in excess, though, because you never know when a powerful fighter will get tired of the carnage and come to end the slaughter. In the absence of many players, Trunks or myself can fill this role. The main point is, keep a low profile and kill sparingly.

Bioandroids start in their Imperfect forms. They can be threatening, and they are always dangerous possessing the abilities of other races, but they aren't terribly strong like this and a halfway decent fighter can bring one down as long as they're careful.

The next form is Semi-Perfect. It can only be obtained by absorbing an Android, and because of this there is no pl requirement for it. Of course, you'll probably want to have absorbed at least a few people, because most Androids will be fairly powerful and it's going to be hard to bring one down without a little power of your own. Once the Android is successfully absorbed, the effects are instantaneous. The Bio will become more human in appearance, and their pl will PERMANENTLY be multiplied by 10. Their form is hard to get, but it gives an advantage this way. It's near impossible to power down out of it, unless you're somehow made to spit up the Android. You don't need to worry about having the energy to sustain it.

The next form is the Perfect form. Again, this form is obtained by absorbing an Android. This one will actually be easier to get than the first, because after absorbing one Android getting hold of another is going to be much easier. Ten times more pl is likely to push most people up past the Android they're after. However, because this gives people the ability to go Perfect right after obtaining Semi-Perfect, I'm gonna say that Bios will have to wait at least a week before they try to absorb another Android. Call it giving themselves time to fully assimilate the Android into their body. Anyway, this form multiplies your pl by 4. Yes, the number is lower than the first, but think a minute. This 4 is in ADDITION to what you already had before. So in total, you'll permanently have 40 times your normal pl, as long as no one makes you spit up the Androids. This gives Bios the potential to become strong in the space of a few weeks...IF they can absorb the Androids. It may not be impossible, but it sure won't be easy.

New:The final thing a BioAndroid can gain is Super Perfect. This won't be a permanent transformation like the others, it will play out more like when a saiyan goes super saiyan. You can only obtain this after Perfect form. To get it you must be extremely desperate and emotional and be in a near death state. The multiplier is x2.

New: After absorbing the second android and attaining perfect form, bios can create smaller forms of themselves like Cell Jrs. To do this, you must go to planet unknown and find Drs Myuu and Gero, who are taking refuge there.

each jr will cost 100,000 zeni and you can't go over 3.

Jr's Pl

1st Jr - 20% of your pl
2nd Jr - 15% of your pl
3rd Jr - 10%

You get to name them and they will appear below your name with your pls

Bios can start with up to two of the abilities of a different race. The abilities are as follows: Namekian regeneration (When they regenerate limbs), Namekian absorption (Absorbing a dying warrior), Icer mental attacks (When they create a mental attack as well as a physical attack for every 100,000 Pl), Tuffle double zeni (When they get double zeni at the end of a quest), the Kaio-sama's ability to trade anothers life for your own, Demons reforming, Icers 'Mecha' ability (can turn to a mecha being after a week or so when they are thrown into the sun), and Sayains near death gains.

Also, Bio's absorb energies, right? So. I was thinking that for every 1mil pl you get, you absorb 1% more pl of your target. You start out absorbing 10%. If you are absorbing regular things like Saiyans or Humans, you get the % of their joining pls. Saiyans is 800,000 pl. At starters, you can absorb 80,000 pl for each Saiyan you absorb.
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