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 jojo - saiyan

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PostSubject: jojo - saiyan   Wed Mar 10, 2010 6:14 pm

Name: (Enter your characters name here)jojo
Race: (Enter your characters race here)Saiyan
Gender: (Male or Female)Male
Age: (How old your character is)15
Aura Color: (What color is created when you power up)pure white
Appearance: (You can write down what he looks like, or post a picture, or both!)
Special Abilities: (You can only start with three, you may take them from the list of abilities, or create your own.)

Ability 1Saiyan Rage:a big pwer up only useable by Jojo it gives 10X my power

Ability 2Super Ghost Kamikazi Attack:he makes an exact little Ghost Copy wich explodes when touched

Ability 3Bukujutsu:the ability to flie one KI
Biography: (Write your characters history here, his goals, and a little bit about his personality, minimum 1 good sized paragraph please.)
------------------------------------------he is the grandson of the son of trunks he looks alot like him and is a prince too weird is that he has wished himself a full saiyan when he was little. he is very strong and know that he is a prince his best friend when he was little was the little namekian Kenito he died natural and cant get wished back anymore. since then he trains allone but a evil person killed his parents but after that jojo killed the man in his anger since then he lives alone in a gigantic cave on new vegeta sometimes he goes outsied the town.after that he travels back in time.

he has a very large lust for fight and is cocky.one time he fighted a super saiyan king,when the king almost kills him he goes into his oozaru form by seeing the moon and almost kills the king .whit that the king allows him to stay into his own trused cave.but he didnt wanted it and getted a spae pod to send him to earth,but the space pod crashed on earth.
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jojo - saiyan
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