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 my joinen form

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PostSubject: my joinen form   Thu Feb 14, 2008 2:06 am

aura color:dark red
appearance:trunks from the cell saga when he came out from hibolic time chamber
special abilities: they are from the list
1-Kaioken: This is primarily a power-up move. When Goku uses this technique, he flares up and gains a large boost to his speed and power but saps an enormous amount of ki. Goku learned this technique from the martial arts master King Kai in which it was named. Since Goku learned to go Super Saiyan, he stops using it. For this RPG, it will be counted as only a 5x transformation as it is gained at start.
2-Big Bang Kamehameha: Simply a the Big Bang Attack and the Kamehameha fused into one attack.
3-instant transmission:goku's move he used it to travel to people by sensing where they are

vegeta the prince of all saiyans born with the royal blood running through his vains planets crumbled at his feet he destroyed entire civilizations to increase his power,in order to become the super saiyan of legend,and he thought he was the best,until he met him kakarot,a low class warrior who torn his pride in to shreds in combat,so his only goal was to become the strongest saiyan alive even stronger than kakarot

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PostSubject: Re: my joinen form   Thu Feb 14, 2008 10:29 pm

your name is trunks but your bio is about vegeta who is registered here


Item's:Scouter + sense better
Dragonradar + finding db's
Full power saibamans + same stats as you
Weapons: Dual Tai Chi Sword's +20,000,000 p
Armor:Royal Saiyan Armor + defence and pride
Dragonballs Namek #3,#7
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my joinen form
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