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PostSubject: Lysander   Sat Feb 09, 2008 9:02 pm

Name: Lysander
Race: Bio Andriod
Gender: Male but neither really
Age: 102 *looks the age of 24
Aura Color: cyclone white and light orange
Appearance: i am a totolly different bio. unlike cell i am a very short bio a little taller than his cell jr's. i am a time bomb. one point i will be nice and happy and another moment i will be trying to kill you. my main atribute is the fact that i am blind. but i have such amazing smell and ability to hear that this was no problem
Special Abilities:

Ability 1: corrin beam *the term corrin is physical. so i will use the energy i harvest from my own physical ability to shoot a ki beam out*

Ability 2: clone *unlike a cell jr this is an exact copy of me. due to my low level i can only create one really crappy one but as my power rises so will the ability of the clone and how many appear...Max4*

Ability 3. Death Cannon *a king cold techniqe. a purple beam of energy shot by one palm. known as his normal move for me it would be my strongest attack...for now*
Biography: i dont know why im here. but when i awoke from my slumber they said the name.
gogeto. so now i will find him and stay with him. apon meeting him i will know wheither i am to despose of him or train under him. however long before this i was create as a simple punching bag. using the organic material of all there enemies they made me and beat me daily for the wrongs they had once suffered. until the day came were i killed them. they should know abuse would come back to bite them in the ass. i went and basically "turned my body off" for about 80-90 years. although ive been alive that long my body has only used the energy of the 25 i was active so i can live a full lifespan
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PostSubject: Re: Lysander   Mon Feb 11, 2008 12:44 am

bite them in the ass LOL i'm waiting for you at the bb


Item's:Scouter + sense better
Dragonradar + finding db's
Full power saibamans + same stats as you
Weapons: Dual Tai Chi Sword's +20,000,000 p
Armor:Royal Saiyan Armor + defence and pride
Dragonballs Namek #3,#7
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