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 Kiki vs. Pan

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PostSubject: Re: Kiki vs. Pan   Thu Jan 31, 2008 1:14 am

nice i hope gogeto would be online soon enough to rate it,or my stuff


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PostSubject: Kiki vs. Pan   Sun Jan 27, 2008 5:56 am

Already rather tried from his battle, Kiki slowly pulled his opponent into his tail. "And that, will teach you for ruining my ice cream!" However at that moment he was interrupted. As the shoes vanished into his tail, he turned to see a humanoid girl a bit taller than himself. "I don't remember hearing about this one... but I'm not letting you do that to anyone else!" Kiki had no idea what she was talking about, unaware of the current crisis facing the planet, but was used to this sort of thing by now. He simply shrugged a bit as he turned. "He ruined my ice cream! He also tried to mug me, so don't feel too sorry for him." Pan would not have any of this however, it was just too harsh. She began to power up, and Kiki stretched. "Well, you do seem to have an interesting spirit..." Kiki quickly followed suit and leapt forward, swinging a kick at her head. Pan ducked beneath it however, and hit him in the stomach with a fist. Kiki fell back, she was far stronger than any he had met in the past, but swept his tail for her head. This time he hit and Pan tumbled to the side. She landed on one hand and followed with a blast from her hands. Kiki spun to the side and ended facing away, he than quickly attacked with a spray burst. Pan had expected many things when she engaged the little bioandroid, but this was not one of them. As the spray hit Pan she lurched back, holding her nose. Kiki dashed after and crashed into her stomach with one knee, sending Pan to the ground nearby. However the pain cleared the scent from her mind, and Pan blasted from the ground and smashed Kiki with a fist to his head. On impact Kiki staggered backwards, only able to swing his tail about. Pan easily avoided the simple strokes and kicked him upward. Kiki flipped over twice as he was knocked into the air, with Pan following after. She prepared a follow up blow, but was suddenly caught in a Sickening Gas attack. Pan fell back in absolute horror. Kiki reoriented himself in the air and landed just as she managed to get up. Pan staggered a bit, still dazed by the attack, but followed with three ki blasts. Yelling a word with each one. "That... was... SICK!" In a fury she than speed past the blasts and began to smash Kiki with her fist and feet, fading away the instant before the three blasts hit him. Kiki was left in bad shape, with bruises covering his entire body. However, before Pan's eyes, they all faded to normal.

The sudden regeneration surprised Pan, but didn't discourage her. In unison she and Kiki dashed towards one another, and began a frantic series of blows. Their limbs met perfectly as the two fighters blocked and parried each attack. Finally Pan's trained skills, as opposed to Kiki who prefered to absorb that of others, paid off. She saw a small opening in his defense and smashed her fist into his chest. Kiki fell back, out of breath. He fell to the ground, and Pan flew above. She charged her palms with energy and fired a full powered Kamehameha down towards him. The attack should have been enough to atomize him, but Kiki rolled to the side, and was instead simply left lacking an arm. He quickly restored it before dashing after Pan. Both of them were drained by this point, especially with the large scale regeneration for Kiki, and noticibly slowed a bit. Finally Kiki caught Pan with his tail, and began a long combo of punchs and kicks. Now and then Pan fit in a blow of her own, as Kiki's attacks were far slower than usual, and Kiki nearly blacked out. However he finally released her and smashed both feet into her chest. Pan lost conciousness first, and fell to the ground. Kiki landed and opened his tail. He prepared to absorb her, shook his head, and closed the tail. "I hope she remembers this." Kiki blew her a little kiss before lifting into the air and taking off.
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Kiki vs. Pan
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