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PostSubject: Tuffles   Sat Jan 19, 2008 10:27 pm

Tuffles are a small race of mechanicle beings like Bebi. Their usually silver complection makes them easy to destinguish between other races. They live on a small planet with 10x gravity, like planet Vegeta and have many ways of building things.

Tuffles have a neat ability to turn into a liquid state and enter an opponent's body. Once in there, if the tuffle's pl is high enough, they can control it and even use the transformations of the being. However, if they leave, they return to their normal Tuffle state, but look a little more mature, less like Bebi did when he was small.

Now for the transformations. Tuffles have almost no power, so once they go into a body, the powerlevel of that body is multiplyed by 5x during the duration they are in it. They have the ability to control other people with the egg-like things as seen in GT during the Bebi Saga. They may not take over a being with over 2x their own pl. If they succesfully take controll of a population, they can make the Tuffle ruler of it. This is concidered a transformation. After having the population taken under control, the Tuffle can take energy from them and make their own transformation. This is the tuffles' only transformation, but because they have no power, it is a 30x transformation and reachable at 5,000,000 pl.

Now Tuffles, when they finish a quest, they get double zeni. Also, they start out with a small energy concentration machine. This item raises the pl by 200,000 permanently.

Also since they have have a small power level they can take over small villages giving them some power level form 500,000 to 100,000 pl depending on the post.
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