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 Blaze versus Omega Shenron

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PostSubject: Re: Blaze versus Omega Shenron   Sun Jan 27, 2008 10:41 am

for ssj 2 u must train with someone.and u get 4 mil+1.5

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PostSubject: Blaze versus Omega Shenron   Sat Jan 26, 2008 11:36 pm

Blaze was just on earth to relax when the sky turned black.And the earth started shaking......in a far distance he saw explosions.Blaze rushed in that direction where he saw a creature blasting the city.poeple screaming,babys crying.Blaze yealed STOP.The creature turned around....Hmph who are you he asked.Blaze saw a dragonball in his chest.I'm Blaze the prince of Sayans.SAYANS he screamed in rage.I'l kill you all and he charged at Blaze.Blaze tried to block but was'nt even close as the speed of the creature.Blaze never had a punch like that.His whole body was shaking when the creature kicked him in combo's.Blaze fell hard in to the mountain.No he can't...be....that powerfull blaze said trying to get some air.HAAAAA Blaze screamed turning in to a supersayan.His hair glowing his eyes turned green and his power raised up.Blaze took both of his swords that raised his power by anouther 20,000,000.Blaze IT to appear behind the creature and tried to slash thru his skin but the sword just bounced of the skin of the creature.I AM OMEGA SHENRON the creature screamed Kicking Blaze in the face.Blaze was raged and tried to fight back but Shenron punched him in the face and kicked him in the stomache before Blaze did anything.Blaze who was bleeding over his whole body was thinking about what his father would say."You are a discrase to our family"NO I'M NOT Blaze screamed attacking shenron whos easily evaded all his punches.Shenron took Blazes foot and hit him against a few mountains,then he droped him and attacked with ultimate attack.Blaze screams out i'm not a discrase and a thick aura appears then shenrons attack blows up causing dust.Shenron looks for the SSJ boy,when the dust clears he see's Blaze standing there with his hair more spikey and electricity sparks around him.Blaze turned in to a supersayan 2.Blaze attack's while screaming I AM THE PRINCE OF SAYANS but shenron still dodges.Blaze attacks causing almost no damage while shenrons attacks are weakining Blaze till he drops with no power left on the ground.I am sorry father.....

Blaze feels that he's dying.he can't concentrate.in a distance he hears FU....SION.....HA then he see's sparks from a flash.A creature sit's next to him and puts something in his mouth.Eat this senzubean..it will heal you.Blaze recognizes the voice.He starts chewing.Blaze feels his powers back. he jumps up.Where is he i'm gonna kill him he yells,then he see's the creature the helped him.Who are you he askes.I am Gogeta he says.A fusion between Goku and Vegeta.I heard about it he says.

Now we got to take care of him Gegeta says and attacks shenron.The battle is intence,there is Dodging Blocking teleporting KI blasting.the warriors keep up the fight.Blaze looks but can hardly keep up even when he's sensing and not looking.Blaze hears all of a sudden 10x BIGBANG..KAMEHAMEHA and see's a large beam that shenron blocks.We need more power Gogeta says while charging Shenron.Blaze yell's i have an idea do that attack again.as soon as gogeta hears blaze the try again 10xBIG....Blaze turnes in to a supersayan 2 and ads hes energy Galick...


The powerfull beam is flyin towards Shenron whos trys to Block it again,but has not enough power against that much power and his cell's scatter and dissapear.OMEGA SHENRON IS GONE AGAIN.

do i get ssj2
how many pl
near death expiriance 50% of the base pl right?


Item's:Scouter + sense better
Dragonradar + finding db's
Full power saibamans + same stats as you
Weapons: Dual Tai Chi Sword's +20,000,000 p
Armor:Royal Saiyan Armor + defence and pride
Dragonballs Namek #3,#7
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Blaze versus Omega Shenron
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