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 Cybernetic Saiyan/Saiyan Android

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PostSubject: Cybernetic Saiyan/Saiyan Android   Sat Jan 19, 2008 10:26 pm

Cybernetic Saiyan/Saiyan Android

Racial Description: Looks exactly like a normal saiyan. Created by Dr Gero from the remains of saiyans who died when Frieza destroyed the original Planet Vegeta.

Reconstruction Surgery: For every 15 mil you have you can rebuild yourself

Gravity Resistance: You can withstand x20 gravity with no problems

Advanced Intelligence: Due to implanted computer chips and such in the brain can store information forever and be bought up whenever needed, also allows user to sense even the smallest powers including insects.

Absorbtion: You can be absorbed by Bio-androids. (After absorbing a Cybernetic Saiyan/ Saiyan Android, a Bio earns an extra x5 pl on top of what it normally gets.)


Cybernetic SSJ:
The androids hair spikes up and turns a golden yellow. Its PL rises dramatically.

Cybernetic SSJ2:
The androids hair spikes up even more and its hair also becomes a bit longer. Its PL once again becomes much larger.

Cybernetic SSJ3:
Its hair grows down to its waist and the androids eyebrows disappear. The android becomes much more arrogant in this form.

Artificial SSJ4:
After requesting this off of Dr Gero you can not post on the board for 24 hours. The Androids hair becomes the androids natural color and grows down to the waist. The androids upper body clothes simply disappear and gets replaced by fur that is a deep shade of red.

Artificial SSJ5:
The androids fur takes a light grey-ish color and you become more stubborn and arrogant than before. Also your hair becomes longer again. The pupils of your eyes disappear. The androids PL rises amazingly high.

Power Levels and Multiplier:
Cybernetic SSJ/10,000,000/x15
Cybernetic SSJ2/25,000,000/x20
Cybernetic SSJ3/35,000,000/x25
Artificial SSJ4/(Must meet Dr Gero and request it from him(Cant post IC for a day)/x30
Artificial SSJ5/150,000,000 (Must have Artificial SSJ4)/x45

Start: 2.000,000
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Cybernetic Saiyan/Saiyan Android
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