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 A rough day

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PostSubject: A rough day   Mon Jan 21, 2008 11:58 am

As he slept against the comfortable dome-house, Kiki's mind began to wander. In his dreams he saw a swirling black and silver mist, which gradually began to part. At that moment a silver arrow of ki slid through the dark and struck his shoulder. He attempted to flee, feeling disembodied, and the mist faded. Kiki fell back into his usual favorite dream, and enjoyed it quite a bit before finally waking. As he did he rubbed his head. He was curious what the strange dream had been, but it was not at the forefront of his mind. As he stretched he found that his ki felt rather odd. He let the white light build around him a bit, and gradually it returned to normal. As he crossed his arms, Kiki mumbled a bit to himself. "If that clown did anything to my ki, I swear I'll... well, can't do much else to him." Shrugging the issue off for the moment, Kiki instead decided to visit a seafood resturant he had seen in a recent flight.

As Kiki took his first step towards the street, however, a shot of blue energy hit in front of his foot. "Don't think about it." It seemed that the gangleader from before had not given up. He was alone this time, but carrying a much larger weapon. Kiki mumbled once again as he looked over it. "If that thing has electric bullets, I am just going to destroy this city, it is too much of a liability." He wasn't serious, but did feel drawn to the idea. Fortunatly for Kiki, it was simply a beam rifle. The question of where a common street gang leader was getting such equipment never occured to him, instead Kiki simply dashed at him, darting left and right as he drew closer. Though the beam gun could simulate a blast of up to 20 million PL, it's wielder had no chance of following Kiki's speed. Each of his shots missed the little bioandroid, and instead blew holes in the buildings behind him. Kiki finally ended right in front of him and smiled. "The sad thing, is that your friend with the 20 zenny tazer did better." Swinging around quickly he smashed the gangleader in the head with his leg, knocking him across the street.

His tail opened as Kiki followed after slowly, humming a bit to himself. "I don't usually let people that make me mad go. You got two chances and you still screwed up. So, time for me to punish you." Kiki giggled a bit as he stood over. Rather than absorb him immediatly, however, he instead gave him a little kick to the side. More meant as insult than to actually hurt. This was his mistake. The leader had regained movement and jabbed a tazer into Kiki's leg. Kiki fell back, gasping in pain. The leader smiled as he twirled the weapon once. "Hey, thanks for the advice." Kiki would have kicked himself if he could have moved, but the gangleader instead lowered his rifle, and fired it point-blanc into Kiki. The energy blasted him off the sidewalk and into a parked car. The car buckled beneath the force as he pushed back up and responded with a blast of his own. Fortunatly his ki seemed to be functioning as normal. The leader fired a rifleshot that destroyed, but as he lowered his sight Kiki was gone.

Kiki's wounds closed as he descended from the air, and gave the leader a kick to the side again. "I don't see what good will even come from absorbing someone as weak as you! But it's the principle of the thing." Kiki landed beside him and snapped down with his tail, catching his opponent up to his waist. "You should be happy, your going to be part of someone who can actually fight." Kiki's tail snapped twice as it dragged him down. Once he had fully assimulated the gangleader, Kiki crossed his arms. "Too bad it was just this guy, and not that android too." Of course Kiki knew he had no chance against someone that strong. Even if he tried to spray her, she could easily dodge it. But he still fully intended to absorb her. Walking over to it, Kiki examined the beam rifle. It could be useful, but Kiki prefered to rely on his own abilities. To prevent it being used against him again, he fired a small blast which incinerated it.

This fight had left Kiki even hungrier, and he decided to set out for the resturant. However he was once again stopped by high laughter. Looking up, he found two humans in clothing similar to that of the clown from earlier. At the sight of them Kiki sighed. "More of you already?!" The two laughed in unison as they contorted into strange postures in the tree. "We saw what you did with Clown, not a bad show. Thanks to you, we've gotten a promotion." It seemed the clown's name, at least onstage, was actually Clown. Not exactly creative. The two of them finally leapt to another tree. Once again they spoke as one. "We are Lia and Leyla, the newest enforcers, and keepers of the sideshow." The twins leapt to the ground and cracked a whip in unison. "You could have had a job with us, but you laughed at it, and hurt poor Cornelius. So, you'll need to be punished." Once again they cracked the whip, and six shadows appeared. From them rose six green creatures. They seemed to be from the dark star, though they were smaller than Kiki was familiar with. The twins smiled as they rose. "This is our dark mutant troupe. They are a subspecies from Dark Star, which are killed at birth. Only thirty-five are known to exist in the entire universe, and twenty of them are in our menagierie. Despite their size, they are born stronger than the adults of their species. Have fun!" With a laugh the twins spun once and melted into shadow themselves.

The six mutants rushed at Kiki with a roar, but the bioandroid met the first one with a hard punch to the chest. He than kneed it upward and fired a blast to knock it away. With room to breath once more, he dashed to the side, firing a couple of blasts to chip away their stamina. As he circled around he slammed his tail over the first mutant, who was still stunned. As the creature slipped into his tail, he felt his energy building back up. He rushed a second mutant with his knees and left it stunned. He than gave it repeated kicks to the chest. A third attacked from behind, but a quick spray sent it to the ground with a roar. Kiki was feeling very confident as he seemed to be cutting through them easily, but suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his side. He turned to find another mutant had dug it's claws into him. The wound closed quickly, but it still hurt quite badly. Kiki fired a blast into it's head and followed with a kick. However this gave the other a chance to regain it's momentum, and Kiki fell. As he looked up, vision blurring, he found that the mutant was standing over him, sharping it's claws. It pounced forward and extended both, preparing to mince Kiki. As the mutant approuched Kiki regained his lucidity and rolled back. As the mutant drew close he released a Sickening Gas attack. The mutant was unconcious before it hit the ground, and Kiki absorbed it with a quick motion.

This left only four more mutants. Another flew at him with a spinning technique, it seemed to be a whirlwind of teeth and claws. Kiki dared not touch it. He sprayed at the mutant, but it was going so quickly it was brushed aside. Instead Kiki lifted into the air and hurled ki blasts down at it. Once again, to no avail. However the mutant could not fly. And soon it grew tired. Kiki opened his tail wide and slammed it down like a bomb, swallowing the mutant instantly. Half of them were defeated now. One of the survivors leapt at Kiki from behind, but his tail was still ready from the last attack. He turned to the side, and the mutant dived right in. He kept it up to it's waist, and began to spin. Hitting his opponents with the sharp foot claws of their ally. After two passes he fully absorbed it. The two remaining mutants were dazed from the attack, but regained their barings quickly. As a team they began to leap to the sides, avoiding Kiki's punchs and kicks. Kiki returned to flight as he chased after, exchanging blows at each period they landed. Finally the two of them crossed paths and met on Kiki, digging a claw into each side. The sharp talons sent him to the ground, and then landed on him. The mutants stood on Kiki's back and began to rake it with claws. Kiki's tail swatted at them repeatedly, but they dodged it each time. Finally he managed to roll over, and they were knocked off of him. Breathing hard now, his wounds closing, Kiki slammed his fist into one of the mutants. Before it could fall back he wrapped his arms around it, and squeezed in. This put it in a great deal of stress, until finally Kiki had the position to use his tail. The mutant slipped into it, and the fight became a duel.

Kiki faced off with the last mutant, feeling a bit tired. The energy of the five mutants he had absorbed was a great boost, but the last attack had been quite painful. The last mutant sprang at him and fired a large blast of dark energy from it's mouth. Kiki dodged to the side, but the beast's claws met him in the side. He felt it rake across his chest, and nearly screamed from the pain. By impulse he fell to the ground, clutching it. Fortunatly the wound closed very quickly, and he returned fire with a blast of his own. "You know, if all six of you had used that move, you might have won." Kiki still wasn't sure if the creatures were even sentient, but he didn't much care anymore. He rushed at it and began a flurry of punchs and kicks, ending with a hit from his tail. The last attack sent the mutant flying. Kiki followed up with a few blasts as it arced towards the ground. It hit hard and a cloud of light dust rose. Kiki followed after and slammed down with one foot.The mutant coughed on impact, and Kiki landed beside it. His tail opened and slammed down before the mutant could get it's second wind. With all six absorbed, Kiki sat down, breathing very hard. "Well, after this, I most definitly will be visiting that carnival." Feeling he may pass out, Kiki once again curled up by a wall to sleep his fatigue off.
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PostSubject: Re: A rough day   Mon Jan 21, 2008 12:34 pm

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A rough day
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