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 The second ring

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PostSubject: The second ring   Mon Jan 21, 2008 9:37 am

With six days remaining until the carnival, and his plans to absorb the android foiled, Kiki had turned his attention back to his normal passion. He had decided to visit a resturant famous for his spicy dishes, and had begun with peppers. Kiki could never decide wether he prefered the sweet or spicy ones. He loved how his breath felt after a really hot one, but the sweet ones were also nice. He also often mixed them up, keeping his mouth totally full of a large variety. Once the peppers were all gone, he had tried a sparerib dish, with an extra spicy barbeque sauce. There was no need to fear a repeat of the burger incident, already the resturant community had put out a warning to just give Kiki whatever he asked for. However the staff decided to make a little challange of it. They had always had an offer to waive the bill of anyone who could finish their atomic gumbo. Kiki, of course, was eagier for the challange. He did not intend to pay anyway, but it sounded like fun.

Normally the gumbo was served in a large bowl, but to up the odds, the staff insisted that Kiki eat the entire pot. Since no one had ever finished half of a bowl, it seemed a safe bet for the staff. Kiki took a large fork and spoon as he grinned in, and leapt for the stew. The bioandroid showed no effect at all as he made swift cuts into the gumbo. As he leaned further and further into the pot, the staff stared in a mix of awe and horror. It was tempting to shove Kiki into it, slam the lid down, and throw it into an oven. But they dared not risk it. After about two minutes, Kiki fell back on the table with a little burp. "Ahh, that was great!" He giggled a bit while breathing out hot air. "Ahh, I think that will be enough for the day, thanks for the meal!" Kiki slid off the table and headed back out the door.

Kiki felt much like his stomach was swelling after the huge amount of hot gumbo, though this was impossible due to his instant digestion, and he was in high spirits. He didn't even mind missing out on the android anymore, and instead focused on the carnival. As if answering his thoughts, a man in white makup swung down from a tree, his limbs twisted in a seemingly impossible way. "Is that little Kiki? You've been very bad you know, picking on poor Cornelius like that..." Kiki smirked up at him, still in a good mood. "So they sent a clown to punish me? That kinda makes me feel unimportant..." The clown cracked up at this, grinning back. "Oh, don't misunderstand. I am a clown, but I am also their chief of, shall we say, public relations. We can't have our staff looking bad. And besides, because of you we need a new scout. I'm afraid I have to punish you. But don't take it personally. I hope that you made it nice and slow for that old blowhard." The clown returned to a full standing position as he lashed at Kiki with a punch. His arm then extended and clawed gloves sliced the tiny bioandroid. Kiki fell back as purple venom dripped from the wounds, burning as it reacted to the air. However the wound quickly sealed. The clown laughed at this. "I didn't think my toxin would work on you. But the acid should be more than sufficient."

The clown whipped around and fired a spray of acide from each of his claws, but Kiki returned fire with his spray. The two hit one another in midair, and fell burning to the ground. Kiki and his opponent dashed in unison as it fell, and began to exchange blows as smoke rose from it. Seeing an opening, Kiki floated up and released a gas attack on his opponent. But the clown smiled. "Sorry little Kiki, but I can't smell anything at all. I came quite prepared." The clown extended his arm to attack, but was suddenly forced downward. He pushed up as he seemed like he was being crushed. "W...what is this?!" Kiki grinned as he hopped a couple of times, rubbing in his opponents lack of movement. "My gas attack doesn't just stink. The pressure is so strong it can crush you. But I don't feel a thing." He giggled again as he kicked the clown aside with a strong swing.

The assassin slowly pushed up with one clawed hand. He regained his smile as he threw a bomb towards Kiki. By instant his tail lashed out, to whip it back. However it exploded on contact, and Kiki was covered in glue. "W..what is this?!" The clown walked back over towards him as Kiki failed to stand. "It's a little mixture of mine, its as portable as paste and as hard as concrete!" Kiki frantically tried to escape the glue, but to no avail. The clown then jabbed his claws into Kiki's side and released, sure enough, a volt of electricity. Kiki was overwhelmed with it, and froze under the glue. With all his effort he tried to force himself free, but the current weakened him considerably. With all his strength he opened his tail and swang it down, trapping the clowns head. However a powerful force ripped through it, and Kiki found himself with no tail.

The clown broke into laughter as Kiki starred in disbelief, thankfully too shocked to be in pain. Fortunatly, in a matter of seconds, his tail had returned to it's former state. But the attack had served it's purpose. The explosion had evaportated the glue, and Kiki hit his opponent with a surprise punch. He began a flurry of angry blows as he released all of his fury into his opponent. "How dare you?! Looks this perfect can be found nowhere else on this planet! Anybody who tries to ruin them is gonna die!" Once the clown was fully stunned Kiki slammed his tail down, giving a good working of his spray glands before finally absorbing him. Still panting for breath, Kiki collapsed onto the sidewalk. Fortunatly anyone who might have wished him ill had ran at the first sign of the battle. Kiki rested undisturbed for about fifteen minutes. At that time he finally stirred awake. The nap had greatly improved Kiki's mood, back to the level before the battle, and he relaxed against the smooth wall of a nearby dome house. "I hope that's the last one of these carnival guys..." Kiki's comments shifted to a mumble, mostly a rant on game and food prices, as he dozed off against the wall once again.
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PostSubject: Re: The second ring   Mon Jan 21, 2008 10:26 am

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The second ring
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