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 Wrong place, Wrong time.

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PostSubject: Wrong place, Wrong time.   Mon Jan 21, 2008 8:03 am

Yawning a bit, Kiki let his tail droop off of the tree branch he was resting on. The fight with Cornelius had made him a bit cautious of approuching the carnival, but he did still plan to attend. It would be another six days before it began however. As he lay on the tree he downed the last of the soda in his bottle and tossed it aside. After stretching once more, Kiki rolled out of it. He landed on the ground with a little kickup of dust, and rose back to his feet. Unfortunatly, he came face to face with six taller humans. The one in front of him, wearing a white muscle shirt, smirked down. "Hey, nice skirt kid..." Kiki became quite flustered as he glared up at the human. "It's a tunic, moron!" This issue had always been rather touchy with Kiki, and he was quick to anger over it. Normally he would have settled for the insult, but Kiki was not in the best of moods. He instead leapt up and swung around, whipping the human in the face with his tail. Despite the consistancy of the soft fur, it smashed him aside like a sledgehammer.

As the thug hit the ground, the other five stared in disbelief. They considered running, but finally let their numbers protect them. Whipping out makeshift weapons, they all rushed Kiki. With his speed Kiki darted between two of them and kicked into the back of the nearest. On impact he whipped around again, hitting his own ally with his chain. The other human was stunned by the hit, as Kiki's tail fell. The four remaining gangsters, the leader was still out cold, starred in horror as they watched their ally's feet kick from Kiki's tail. Kiki's proprotions returned to normal as the tail bulge vanished. Their first instinct was to run, but they couldn't allow their allies apparent death to be in vain. They lashed at Kiki from all sides. He darted between them again, releasing a cloud of gas as he went, leaving all four gagging on the ground. His tail widened again as he quickly snapped up another of them. As the bulge descended, he looked over to the leader. He was just beginning to return to his feet. He grinned at this, swishing his tail a couple of times before returning to normal. "I have to say, you've got great taste in friends." Kiki giggled at this, but the leader was not amused. He drew a small pistol from his pocket, and fired at Kiki.

To Kiki's surprise, the gun fired a small series of energy blasts, which blew him to the ground. The wounds gradually sealed as Kiki rose back up, but it had hurt considerably. "The option of running away has just been closed." Kiki dashed forward and gave the leader a strong kick to the stomatch, followed by two spinning punchs. However he was then filled with a strong shock. He fell forward as the thug pulled the tazer from his back. He coughed and pushed up slowly. "Does everybody on this planet know my weakness?!" His tail lifted up and he sprayed back, and once more they fell in shock. Kiki planned to absorb them, but a shot from the leader changed this plan, and knocked Kiki back. As he took another step forward, a reddish-pink ki blast hit the ground. "Leave him be." A girl who looked a bit older than Kiki, with bright pinkish hair, leapt from the tree. She extended her hand towards the leader, who wasn't sure what to do. Finally he lowered the weapon and walked off without a word.

The girl offered a hand and helped Kiki up. He brushed off a bit with a grin. "I didn't need help, but thanks anyway." As he looked at the girl, suddenly a strange feeling slid down his spine, and he knew what she was. His tail pulsed open and closed as he smiled at her. "I owe you one, but I just can't resist..." In a wide arc his tail snapped at her head, but the android slid away. "You... your a..." Kiki nodded and rushed her again. However she punched into his stomach, knocking Kiki to the floor. She shook her head as she took a step back. "Nice way of thanking me there. But you do seem to be a newborn, you probably can't control your instincts fully yet. Not that you could even hope of beating me at your strength." She gave him a little nod and smile before lifting into the air and flying off. Kiki slowly stood up, he had never felt such a painful attack, and shook his head. Leaning up he yelled at the dot on the horizon. "I bet you tasted awful anyway!" He crossed his arms as he kicked at one of the thugs. He had planned to absorb the remaining three, but he wasn't in the mood anymore. As he walked he kind of smilled, the pain dulling. "She was kind of cute though..." The pain fully subsided soon, and Kiki rubbed his stomach. He had worked up quite an appetite from the battle, and decided to look for a new resturant to visit.
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PostSubject: Re: Wrong place, Wrong time.   Mon Jan 21, 2008 10:25 am

1,5 mil

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Wrong place, Wrong time.
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