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PostSubject: Icers   Sat Jan 19, 2008 10:24 pm

We know them as the race responsible for enslaving many a planet, and probably destroying even more. Strong, arrogant, and with the pl to back it up, anyone picking a fight with one of these guys is really asking to get hammered.

For starters, they have those tails. Thick and muscular, they can strangle or crush a weaker opponent with ease, and even stronger enemies will find it hard to escape the iron grip. In their first and second forms they have horns as well, though these can only truly be called weapons in the second form. And no matter what form they happen to be in, they always have tough, thick armor-like skin and skillful mastery of ki and various mental powers; telekinesis, limited teleportation, and who knows what else.

Now for the "official" stuff on their attacks. You can create an attack for every 3 mill pl like everyone else, but, you can also create a mental ability. Just like attacks, these have to make sense and not be outrageously strong. The absolute most you can do to someone ELSE with your mind is take limited control over them for a time. To yourself, though, the limit is what you can come up with, though of course if it looks overpowered you'll be asked to change it.

And now the forms. Their first form is small and almost childlike, with smallish horns and a large head covered by tough, helmet-like skin. The rest of their bodies are equally tough, though since this is their weakest form some Icers will want armor worn too. This form is what they walk around in and doesn't grant any interesting effects.

The second form is like a more matured version of the first. The horns elongate and sharpen, the Icer's body mass increases dramatically and they become much faster, stronger, and more durable than before. This form grants you 10x your normal pl and reduces any damage from physical attacks. You can enter this form once you have 5 mil.

The third form is a complete shift from the other two. Looking, truthfully, like something from an Aliens movie, the Icer's head elongates backwards, many spikes growing out of the resulting buldge. The growth of their head stretches the skin around their jaw, and the result is to give them a constant strained-looking grin on their face. Their strength and speed increase greatly in this form. It grants 15x your pl, and physical damage is reduced a little more. This form is granted at 10 million pl.

The fourth form was thought to be the strongest for a long time. In this form the Icer actually shrinks, all the muscle gained from the other forms compacting into a smooth and almost graceful-looking form. It's no bigger than the first, but the horns are gone and the armor-like skin has now become smooth, almost reflective, granting the added benefit of protecting them against ki attacks, though it's no less durable than before. This form grants you 25x your pl, reduces both physical damage and ki damage, and grants you the ability to use your mental powers at will without the need for much energy. You get this form at 15 million pl

100% Fourth Form power
attain 100% power, greatly increasing his muscle mass to about the same size as a Super Saiyan 2nd Grade and mildly increasing his power.However, it was short lived due to the fact that the strain on body made unable to fight at full capacity for long, slowly weakening whether is dealing or receiving damage.required pl 25mil 35x pl.

The fifth form is the Icer's strongest. Again a complete change from the previous forms, the Icer bulks up once again, their skin becoming a dark purple, with white armor-like formations all over their body. The eeriest one is the one covering their head like a helm. A mask molds over their face as well, leaving nothing visible but shining red eyes. This most powerful form greatly decreases the amount of damage you can take from both physical and ki attacks, and grants you 45x your pl. You gain this form at 40 million pl.

Icers can become strong quickly since they get their forms a bit earlier than most other races, and their durability makes them tough to kill. However, they have a weakness for Super Saiyans in particular. The sight of one of these can send chills down an Icer's spine, since in these times the stories of Frieza's family's defeat at the hands of just a few Super Saiyans has been blown out of proportion, making Icers think these Saiyans are a fair amount stronger than they really are. Still, they are arrogant and not likely to back down from a challenge. This of course can lead to their downfall against a skilled opponent. They're always underestimating their foe.
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