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 Voku returns

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PostSubject: Voku returns   Sun Jan 20, 2008 3:10 pm

Out of shere boredum Voku decided to return to the room he had just left. He tracked down the building entered with a grin. He figured more training would do him good. He looked around and saw the computer. Figuring he shouldn't jump too high in gravity levels he set the machine to 20X. He heard a click, then spun around to face the huge monitor on the wall. The number 20 appeared and Voku was once again forced to the ground. This time he was motionless, he was still a bit weak from training earlier. As he pushed himself up, his body and his clothes seemed to weight well over a ton.

He slowly rose to his feet and tried to jump around. Barely getting off the ground he figured it would be better to try to stretch his legs first. So he began to walk around in quick paced circles. The weight seemed to lessen as his walking turned into full speed running. Voku quickly dodged invisible attacks, barely feeling the effects of the gravity chamber. He was now moving arround as if in normal Earth gravity. He wondered if he could increase the gravity as he made his way to the computer. He mashed more buttons, and smirked as he read the number 25 on the screen. Yes! This is the intense kinda training that does the body good.

He braced himself for the force, and struggled to keep standing against the artifical gravity. He slowly walked in a crouched position as he punched and kicked at the air. He dropped to the ground and began doing painful pushups. 1, 2, 3, 4. His arms began to tighten up as he got to his last stretch of push ups. 997, 998, 999, 1000. He rose to his feet and wiped the sweat from his face. Voku then laid flat on his back and started on his situps.

His chest felt as if it were on fire as he started, Whew, feel the burn baby! His back and chest were beginning to ache as he came up for the last few. 999, 1000.

Voku clenched his chest as he rose to his feet. He then began to run around the room as fast as he could, while throwing quick jabs. He dodged imaginary attacks again and threw punches skillfully at make-believe foes. He removed his shirt as he became soaked with sweat.

After a quick break Voku upped the gravity to 35X. He looked at the panel to release some droids. Two holes appeared in the ceiling and shortly afterwards a droid dropped from each hole. The droids flew towards Voku and floated on opposite sides of him. Voku looked to the huge monitor and read the screen, “Reflector Droids”

He thought to himself for a few seconds, then he understood what he was being instructed to do. He got into a sumo-like position and cupped his hands as he brought them to his side. Kiiinnng KaaameeehaaameeeHA! The blue beam shot out of Vkou's hands like a rocket and crashed into one of the droids. The droid completely absorbed the kamehameha wave and shook violently. Voku was getting ready to make a break for it, but the droid just sat there. What a rip! he said in disappointment, then suddenly the droid unleashed the powerful beam Voku had just fired. He quickly ducked and rolled out of the blasts path. As the kamehameha missed Voku, the second droid quickly flew in front of the blast and absorbed it. As Voku stood the second droid fired off the kamehameha just as the first had done.

Voku did a swift cartwheel to avoid being hit, and again the kamehameha was caught and re-fired. The saiyan-android began doing cartwheels all over the room as the droids caught and re-fired the kamehameha that had originally been fired by him. Voku immediately dropped to floor, the wave flying over his body. When he stood the wave had been caught and fired once again, now heading towards his face. With a quick leap, Voku flipped up and dodged the kamehameha, sending it into another droid. The droid immediately fired it right back at Voku. He ran towards a wall, but quickly back flipped off of it as the blast almost reached him. Before the wave could hit the wall a droid flew into its path and caught it, the droid then tilted back and fired the kamehameha at Vokuin the air. Voku threw up his arms in an X and deflected the blast away as he flipped through the air. Once again the wave was caught by a droid, before it could re-fire Voku launched off another kamehameha at the opposite droid. As both droids fired off their own kamehameha Voku stood directly between them. The confident cybernetic saiyan leaped into the air seconds before the two kamehameha collided.

He landed softly on the steel floor just as the smoke-causing explosion subsided. He walked over to the control panel and again upped the strength of the fake gravity. 40x

Voku pressed a button to release the offensive droids. 3 droids rose out of holes in the floor and turned into Cell Jr. The 3 little fighters surrounded Voku in a triangular shape. One dove at him with its right fist aimed for his face. The moment Voku tried to move he realized the other two had grabbed his legs. Without being able to move, the Cell Jr’s attack landed. As Voku leaned back from the force of the punch, the other 2 Cell Jr. slammed him forward. Voku hit the hard cold floor with his face as the 3 Jrs unleashed a barrage of KI blasts into his back. Quickly rolling over Voku fired a blast into the air, as he hopped to his feet. The blast hit dead-on the face of one of the juniors, before the droid lost its Cell Jr. image and exploded. Voku jumped into the air and sent a swift kick at another Jr. His quick foot connected with the Cell Jr. and broke it in half. As the second droid exploded and the last remaining one landed on the ground, Voku charged another kamehameha and released. As the final droid exploded, Voku smirked and landed on the ground.

Drenched in sweat, Voku picked up his shirt and tossed it over his shoulder as he turned off the machine and left out of the building.
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PostSubject: Re: Voku returns   Sun Jan 20, 2008 3:12 pm

nice post man 4 mil

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Voku returns
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