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 Just another day

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PostSubject: Just another day   Sun Jan 20, 2008 2:49 pm

In absolute bliss, Kiki emptied the last of six ketchup packets into his mouth. He hsut his eyes and rubbed his stomach as he chewed the contents and finally swallowed. Quite a crowd was staring at the little skunkish boy. None dared count the number of bags and wrappers that lay around him, but he had put on quite a show with his meal. After sipping up the last of his twelth drink, Kiki stood up and patted his belly. "Ahh, now that hit the spot! Seeya guys!" He blew the staff a kiss before heading towards the door, only to be blocked off by a kitchen aide. The tall human cracked his knuckles as he looked down. "That was some show, but I think somebody owes us 400,000 zenny!" Kiki showed no concern as he rubbed his stomach, looking very snide. "Really? You should probably go bother them instead." This aggrivated the staff member considerably, and he whipped at the bioandroid with his spatula. Kiki's tail caught it, and he frowned a bit. "Your giving me indigestion." The human reared back his fist to attack Kiki, but he had already turned and lifted his tail. A low sound emerged as a cloud of yellow gas covered the staff member. He fell to the ground gagging for air as Kiki smiled. "See, I told you. My tummy is just so volatle." As he commented Kiki posed cutely, blowing another kiss. Even outside the cloud, the other customers fled in horror of the overpowering rotten egg smell. Seeing the employee struggling to get out of the cloud, which was far weaker than the ones he actually fought with, gave Kiki great joy. Once he had enough however, and thought the human would pass out, he wanted him awake for this, he whipped out his tail. The tip opened wide and snapped around the staff member. His legs kicked as he was lifted into the air. Kiki's tail bulged as the human slid down it, entering the body of the little bioandroid. His tail shut fully after this and he stretched, rubbing his stomach again. He was already a bit peckish from the "fight" and casually devoured the untouched food at each booth. Once his meal was complete, again, he headed out the door.

With his stomach sitiated, and feeling a tiny bit stronger from the kitchen aide, Kiki decided to have a bit more fun around the city. He had thought there was going to be a carnival the day of his arrival, but it seemed that it was actually not for another week. This left Kiki somewhat annoyed. But he decided, even if he couldn't have cotton candy, he could still find something fun to do. To his surprise, he suddenly felt something grab his tail. He jolted and in an instant was across the street, looking down at the one responsible. He was a tall human, on the older side with closely trimmed beard. Without a word he lifted his cane and pointed it towards Kiki. Instantly a bolt of energy flew from it and struck him. Electricity coursed through his body as he fell to his knees, incapacitated. He groaned in pain as he tried frantically to get up. "Wha...guh... was that?!" The human waved his cane a bit and shook his head. "Just a bit of simple electric current. You don't really need to know any more." As he spoke he tapped the cane twice. The current lessened, but Kiki was still trapped. "Oh, and if your thinking of using one of your skills, do know they will increase the current." For a moment Kiki considered trying it anyway, but the shocks were just too much. He decided to wait for the moment. "Ok, and who would you be..." The human took a little bow. "Call me Cornelius. I've been watching you for a while Kiki, and I think you could be a star!" At this comment Kiki rolled his eyes a little. "You have such a wonderful way of attracting employees!" Cornelius chuckled a bit at the comment. "I wanted you to know what I was capable of, otherwise I knew you wouldn't consider things all the way through." In his mind Kiki remarked that he had considered a few other things all the way through, but he stayed quiet. In a flash the electricity vanished, and Kiki stood back up. He prepared to attack, but Cornelius raised his cane. "Don't." He cleared his throat as Kiki landed. "I am a talent scout for a particular carnival, and you would fit in wonderfully." It actually sounded rather fun to Kiki, but he was more angry at Cornelius. As such he finally snapped and flew towards him, whipping his tail at his face.

The scout gasped a moment before Kiki's tail hit. Using the momentum, the bioandroid began a series of punchs and kicks to Cornelius' chest. At the end he knocked him back with a double palm thrust. Cornelius was staggered, but not defeated. He slammed his cane into Kiki's side, sending an electric shock through him. The current raised a scream from Kiki, but he shrugged through it. He than span around and sprayed Cornelius directly in the eyes. With a combination of a scream and a gag, Cornelius fell back. He could not see, the spray had covered his eyes, and the smell was inescapable. Not wanting to end it yet, Kiki slammed his legs into Cornelius' side. His blinded opponent stumbled back, but countered with a lightning bolt. Kiki darted around it and wrapped his tail around Cornelius. He than began an extensive flurry of attacks onto him. Finally he thrust his leg back, and knocked Cornelius flying. He darted over and extended his tail, spreading it widely. Cornelius shook off his blindness just in time to go flying into the membraine. Kiki took great delight and slowly squeezing him in, being sure to give him a good spray with the internal side of his glands. The bulge in his tail finally vanished, and Kiki was alone on the street. He smiled a bit as he glanced down, feeling Cornelius assimulate into him. "It sounded nice Gramps, but you should of asked nicer!" With a little "Hmph" he turned and decided to find a good resturant.

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PostSubject: Re: Just another day   Sun Jan 20, 2008 2:50 pm

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Just another day
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