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 Voku in 10x Gravity

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PostSubject: Voku in 10x Gravity   Sun Jan 20, 2008 2:47 pm

Voku wandered into a solid steel structure. Immediately the door slammed shut behind him, though startled he didn't flinch. He looked around the empty room and noticed a blank monitor on the wall. As he got closer to the monitor the number 10 popped up and Voku was immediately slammed to the ground. He slowly began to push himself up but felt as if he was being crushed. Voku let out a loud groan as he pushed himself to his feet. As he struggled to stand he noticed 5 robots surrounding him, but they did not move.

After a few mintues it became easier for Voku to stand, but he was still unsure of what the robots were up to. He moved towards one but the closer he got the further the robot moved from him. He looked back to the monitor and it read Target Droids. Voku then understood what he had to do, This should be kinda fun. He said with a big grin.

He took a step back and made sure he could see all 5 robots. He smirked then threw 3 punches and 2 kicks all in different directions, yet none hit there targets. The robots were now further away. Voku charged at one specific robot pushing himself to run faster to catch his prey. But the faster he ran, the quicker the droid retreated. He then had a burst of speed and threw a quick straight jab which shattered the robot on contact. Voku stopped to catch his breath for a moment then flipped into the air and came down kicking at the droid behind him. The droid floated back, but once Voku turned his attack into a roundhouse kick the target was shattered. With 3 targets left Voku decided to try with his KI blasts.

He got into his fighting stance, his clothing hanging on him tightly, due to the gravity. He studied his targets and began to map out a plan of attack in his mind.

He ran forward throwing punches wildly, causing the targets to float back and sawy side-to-side. He quickly leaped into the air, landing on the roof he quickly launched himself back downward towards one of the targets and shattered it with great ease. Now The last 2 droids whouldn't come within 5 feet of Voku. He smirked, knowing just how to get both targets. He raced off, with at a blinding speed, thanks to his new power. He couldn't get close to the targets for they were moving at the same speed as he. Voku liked the difficulty of this situation, but he then hatched a plan of what to do.

Voku powered up as his clothes fluttered from the power of his aura and his muscles tightened. His speed increased a bit as he began to power up to full power. When he figured he was close enough he hurled his hands infront of him, Electric Spike! The beam of energy flew off towards a droid as he jumped into the air and threw off another KI blast that shattered the target the same time as the Electric Spike shattered it's target.

Voku landed on one knee and let out a sigh as he began to breathe hard. His dark red aura slowly died down as he caught his breath. Voku calmly stood straight and exited the room with an great big grin, What a workout!
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PostSubject: Re: Voku in 10x Gravity   Sun Jan 20, 2008 2:49 pm

2 mil

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Voku in 10x Gravity
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