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 Find a Dragonball

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PostSubject: Find a Dragonball   Sun Jan 20, 2008 2:30 pm

Its simple once you reach to 100 posts whatever planet your on you have a chance to find a db with a good size post if its small then no gain.but here is this little word chart to make more sense.

100 post=dragonball
50 post with a scouter or dragon radar=Dragonball
25 post with both scouter and dragon radar=Dragonball.

To gain a earth db 350-500 words.
To gain a namek db is 500-750 words.
To gain a blackstar db is 750-1,000 words.

Revive another Player (or have somebody else use the wish on your behalf to bring yourself back)
2,000,000 Zeni
20,000,000 PL
10 new techniques
Learn a Transformation

Namekian Dragonballs: 3 wishes

Revive another Player
4,000,000 Zeni
40,000,000 PL
15new techniques
Learn a Transformation

Black-Star Dragonballs: 1 wish, only recieved.

Steal all the Zeni, Items and Dragonballs of another player
Kill another player
120,000,000 PL
8,000,000 Zeni
Unlimited Amount of Techniques
Revive as many players as you want
Learn all transformations
Wrath of the Dragon - x2 top transformation (example: if you have ssj5 that has x50 pl, this makes it 150x.

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Find a Dragonball
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