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PostSubject: Saiyans   Sat Jan 19, 2008 10:23 pm

Firstly, a Saiyan's tail. As stated in the Join board, you can train the weakness out of it. There are requirements for this, though. To train the weakness out of your tail, you must have reached at least 2 million pl, and you must successfully undergo training under 10x gravity at least three times or you train under 30x gravity. After that you can make a post in the normal training thread stating that you are training the weakness out of your tail. The method for this seems obvious, so a post stating this will be enough; however, if you want to get creative and post exactly what you're doing, you can, and you might even earn some extra pl for the extra effort.

New note- Oozaru. As Vegeta states in the show, it's a 10x modifier and can be acheived either at the full moon, or by using the Moonlight Ball technique. This technique is only avaliable to Saiyans who have trained the weakness from their tails. As soon as the weakness is gone, you can use the technique. This is to keep people from wild rampages across the countryside every time they get into a desperate fight and try Oozaru as a last ditch effort. Also, of course, when Oozaru you will be much slower, but hit incredibly hard and be very difficult to damage, so in some ways it has advantages even over the first level of Super Saiyan.

The other side of the tails, now; removing them. As said in the Join board, removing the tail can help you gain power level faster, but it will weaken you. You can train out this weakness as well, but it'll be harder; Goku was a prodigy, as his tail was removed as a child and he had all those years to train the weakness from his body without it, which is why he had an edge over Vegeta and still did however hard Vegeta worked to catch up to him. Even then, Goku was still stronger with his tail than without it; the proof is Super Saiyan 4. Obviously all Saiyans won't have spent their childhood without their tail; in fact, very very few will, and unless you have an exceptional application posted in the New Members board you'll be asked to change your character if you try saying he or she spent his childhood without a tail. Saiyans are proud of their tails and well aware that they're stronger with them than without them; removing them is almost unheard of.

For a Saiyan character to train the weakness losing his tail will bring on from his body, he must have obtained the third level of Super Saiyan, and undergo gravity training at 30x at least three times without dying. Difficult, yes, but if you want to be a cut above everyone else you have to work for it, obviously.

This form is the result of a Saiyan who is unable to increase their ki enough for their bodies to complete the transformation to a Super Saiyan. Even though the transformation is incomplete, there are certain Super Saiyan features such as elevated hair and a yellow ki aura that blazes around the Saiyan. Other features include no pupils or irises. Due to inability to completely transform, the Saiyan uses much more energy than if they were either in their regular state, or fully transformed. This results in the need to revert to their regular form after only a short time.(11x) 5 million to reach this form

Now on to the info I'm sure everyone wants to see; how to become a Super Saiyan. This is a bit of an interesting process, since Super Saiyans are supposed to be very rare. However, as Goku found out, any Saiyan can become a Super Saiyan if they're strong enough and undergo enough emotional stress. So here, the requirements are fairly simple. You have to have at least 10 million powerlevel, and after that you've got no control over whether or not you go Super Saiyan. Either maxxie or myself will be reading any training or fighting posts you make after that, and if they're good enough and fill the emotional stress requirement we will make a reply to the thread stating that you're transforming into a Super Saiyan.

Super Saiyan 2 will be similar, but the posts must be higher quality, you have to have 20 million pl, and the emotional stress has to be a mixture of anger and greif; no other emotions are going to be powerful enough. This doesn't mean you should make yourself experience them every single fight or training session, though. It'll actually be frowned upon if you do; don't worry, if it looks like you're doing an excellent job of RPing you'll be provided with a trigger from an admin. There's also a twist. If the posts are somewhat lower quality, you will transform, but only halfway; you'll become an Ultimate Super Saiyan, the powerful but slow transformation discovered by Trunks in the Cell Saga. Beyond that it's the same as Super Saiyan. Trunks and I will check posts, and if one looks good enough during the course of your training we'll post that you've transformed.

Super Saiyan 3 is a little different. Goku stated that he'd reached this level through training, not emotions. So, for Super Saiyan three, you have to have (obviously) attained Super Saiyan 2, have 30 million pl, and you must undergo training in 100x gravity. The number of times depends on how high the quality of your posts are. The better the description of what you're doing, the faster you're going to reach Super Saiyan Three. You also may gain this tranformation like goku did go to the other world and train with the kais for it, but the side effect to it is that its harder to get to you need more stress. Again, Maxxie or myself will be the ones to tell you. Also, if your character is a child, like Goku in GT, you will have to have your tail to sustain the transformation.

Golden Oozaru
An alternative and far stronger type of Oozaru, known as a Golden Oozaru, can be seen in Dragon Ball GT. It is attained by Saiyans who have a tail and are already in use of the Super Saiyan form and before looking at either a moon or a full planetary body (sunlight reflected from a planet apparently works equally well.

And of course, Super Saiyan Four. This one, being the most powerful form there is, is going to be an absolute horror to get. You must have the other three levels of Super Saiyan. You must have 40 million pl. You must travel to the Supreme Kai's planet and undergo training there to either strengthen or regrow your tail, depending on whether you've had it removed, and this will take a number of training posts, again depending on how good each is. Then, you'll have to travel to the planet created by Bebi in GT, and either train there or simply wait until Maxxie or myself tell you that the reflected light of the Earth is causing you to become a Golden Oozaru. And here's where the fun starts. You now have to make posts on your attempts to gain control of yourself. In the meantime, Maxxie or I will be posting describing what destructive actions you're taking on the planet around you, as well as others nearby. Other players, at least any capable of space travel, will feel the power from this and can come to either help you, or attack you while you're blinded by rage. Again, the amount of time it takes to gain control will depend on how high the quality of your posts is. But there's a bit of a risk involved this time. If the quality isn't high enough, you'll take too long to gain control and lose yourself completely to the Oozaru transformation. This means you'll continue to rampage until you run out of energy and collapse, since the power of the transformation is great enough that even the Earth setting won't end it, and unless someone comes to offer you energy or a Senzu bean, you'll die there. This being said, you don't HAVE to become a Super Saiyan 4; this is just to make sure you can do a really good job of RPing and deserve to have the extra power over everyone. So before you ask to become one, make sure you can RP well or it could mean your character will be taking an unscheduled trip to the Otherworld.

Now for the fun part; what exactly you get when you transform. For the first level of Super Saiyan, when you transform your pl will be multiplied by 12. This doesn't mean you get a permanent boost, it just means that while transformed you have 12 times more pl than before. Obviously your speed and reflexes increase accordingly.

Super Saiyan 2 is the same, but your pl is multiplied by 15.

Ultimate Super Saiyan also multiplies it by 15, but you'll lose speed and reaction time instead of gaining it, which means even people weaker than you stand a fair chance of beating you if they're fast.

Super Saiyan 3 multiples your power by 20, and your speed and reaction time become unbelievable. And finally, the pinnacle of power,Golden Oozaru multiplied by 25.

Super Saiyan 4, multiplies your power by 35 and reduces the damage you take from all attacks. Your power, speed, and reaction time are almost godly; very few players are going to be able to stand up to a Super Saiyan 4. This does NOT make them invincible, however. Super Saiyan 4 may be the strongest transformation, but that doesn't mean that, say, an Icer with his 5th form couldn't take one down. It's all up to the abilities the player has, how well they can RP, and how high their pl is before they transform. An Icer that has 300 million pl before transforming will beat a Super Saiyan 4 who has only 100 million, even though the Saiyan's form grants him a higher boost. His final pl, 3 billon 500 million, will still be less than the Icer's, which would be 9 billion with 5th form. Plus, certain forms offer other advantages that aren't necessarily strength related. Saiyans are simply a race of people who rely on brute strength, so their forms do the same.


Ultimate Super Saiyan 4
USSJ4 is more of a transition transformation. The saiyans SSJ4 fur turns brown and their hair a bright red. This form grants incredible boosts in strength and speed. In fact the fighter is near invincible while transformed. This power does come at a downfall. A fighter uses such a high amount of energy, that they can not maintain the form for more than three posts. After powering down, the combatant is left powerless for another three posts. On top of that, such power easily goes to any saiyans head, no matter how disciplined. Because of this the fighter becomes arrogant and can easily slip up if fighting a seasoned fighter.

Now for the requirements. Since USSJ4 is a branch off of SSJ4, obviously all the requirements to earn SSJ4 are needed. Once a saiyan with SSJ4 abilities reaches 60,000,000 pl, and its 40x Trans.his behavior will be monitored. If the fighter begins to become arrogant in fights and trainings, and rp's well, he'll receive a reply stating that the transformation is taking place. Please note, this transformation is not the most reliable, but it is nesecarry for higher transformations of Super Saiyan.

SSJ5: This is a fifth Super Saiyan Transformation. It is much stronger than SSJ4 or USSJ4, thus being a total of an x50 trans. Your fur takes a light grey-ish color and you become more stubborn and errogent than before. However, if you are pure of heart, you can control it more easily and attain it. Required is 150,000,000 pl.

And now something else; Near Death gains. We've all seen that being healed from near death gives Saiyans a sizable power increase. So, any Saiyan healing from near-fatal injuries will gain 50% of their base pl. Any healing from simply being defeated, but not mauled, will gain 25% of their base.
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