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PostSubject: Kiki   Sun Jan 20, 2008 8:23 am

Name: Kiki
Race: Bio-Android (Demon reformation and near death gains)
Gender: Male
Age: 1
Aura Color: White
Special Abilities:

Dampening Spray: A foul smelling spray fired from Kiki's tail glands. It will nausiate opponents, and androids will find it difficult to move, as it corrodes their joints. As it passes near the glands, being absorbed by Kiki is utterly disgusting.

Sickening Gas: Kiki's other scent based weapon, a horrible cloud of stinking yellow gas from his behind. It is unbelievably thick, probably the worst of all time, and crushes down on those inside it. Those with less than 1/2 of Kiki's PL will simply be knocked out cold from the stench. Kiki is unaffected by the crushing, and even finds the smell pleasant.

Skunked: Kiki runs at the opponent and grabs them with his tail. He than begins a combo of strikes from his fists, feet, rear end, and head. At the end he releases and kicks them away.
Biography: One of Dr. Gero's many Cyber-Saiyans was inspired by his own creator. He attempted to create a bio-android of his own. He however was inexperienced with it. Rather than a warrior, he intended to create a pet of sorts. He was virtually random with the cells he added, and the result was Kiki. The childish bioandroid resembled a halfbreed saiyan, but with the features of a skunk rather than a monkey. Kiki seemed a perfect pet. He was loyal, enthusiastic, and virtually indestructable. Unfortunatly his creator grew too trusting of his creation, and he was soon absorbed by his "pet".

Kiki generally takes nothing seriously, and loves to have fun. He is constantly hungry and has food on his mind continually. He always seems to be bursting with energy, and in-battle focuses on hit and run tactics. He has no tact or manners and speaks completely bluntly, not even taking his special techniques into account. This overall often causes Kiki to come across as little more than a brat, however he has a major cruel streak when angered, though he can be nice to those that get on his good side. He is, however, prone to absorbsion at random.
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PostSubject: Re: Kiki   Sun Jan 20, 2008 10:56 am

accepted u may begin your bb now Very Happy

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