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 Item store

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PostSubject: Item store   Sat Jan 19, 2008 10:52 pm

Senzu bean Raises your power level by 1,000 in a fight or in training perminitly and heals you. (You will recive these once every two weeks.)

Senzu plant Last for a week growing senzu beans, about 4 will grow. 2,000,000 zeni

Light Weighted cloths Raised pl by 10,000 while battling, training. 5,000 zeni

Medium Weighted Cloths Raises pl by 20,000 during battle and training. 10,000 zeni

Heavy Weighted Cloths Raises pl by 30,000 every battle and training. 30,000 zeni

Extremely Heavy Weighted Cloths Raises pl by 80,000 during battle or training 60,000 zeni

Space pod Can't train in this pod, however is nessicary for simple space travel 10,000 zeni

Space ship able to train in this, however you cannot train in Gravity here. 1,000,000 zeni

small space ship Able to train under 40 times gravity. 1,500,000 zeni

Medium Space ship Able to train under 60 times gravity. 2,000,000zeni

Large space ship Able to train under 100 times gravity. 3,000,000 zeni

Custom ship Able to train under any gravity you want up to 1,000 times gravity. 50,000 every 1 times gravity (So 1,000x gravity would be 50,000,000.)

Small Energy Concentration Machine Raises your pl by 200,000 permanitly, however can only be used once. 1,000,000 zeni

Medium Energy Concentration Machine Raises your pl by 10,000,000 permainitly, but can only be used once. 15,000,000 zeni

Large Energy concentration machine Raises your pl by 100,000,000 permanitly, but can only be used once. 20,000,000 zeni

Z Sword A mithical sword that is believed to be able to cut through any obsticle. Able to use during battle 20,000 zeni

Energy Blasters Uses an internal power supply to shoot small ki blasts. Raises ki damage by 10% 60,000 zeni

Scouter Able to detect a person and know there where abouts in battle, makes easier for dodging and avoiding attacks 100,000 zeni

Armor Makes small attacks' damage reduced. 10,000 zeni

Classic Sayain Armor Reduces damage from attacks slightly 20,000 zeni

Elite Saiyan Armor A model of Saiyan Armor that only Elites wear. It reduces damage from ki attacks and stronger melee attacks. 40,000 zeni

Royal Saiyan Armor The highest qualtiy Saiyan Armor, and itsd most destinguishable mark is its emblem on the left chest plate and a removeable cape. 80,000 zeni

Training Robot ( helps you train and gain more pl during training) 10,000 zeni.

Dragon radar-helps you find dragonballs lesser time. 100,000 zeni.
More will be added later.

New Item

saibamans little green creatures that can fight for you. 5,000 zeni 25% of your power level

elite saibaman like saibaman's execpt more powerful 10,000 zeni 50% of your stats

Royal saibamans like elites execpt really powerful than then. 25,000 zeni 75% of your stats

full power saibamans like royal execpt haves the same stats as you. 50,000 zeni.
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Item store
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