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 Half Breeds

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PostSubject: Half Breeds   Sat Jan 19, 2008 10:35 pm

Halfbreeds. Half Human, half Saiyan. Simple, right? Well, for the most part yes, but they have their quirks.

Like a Saiyan, they're born with a tail. But, unlike a Saiyan, their tails have no impact at all on how strong they are. Of course, a Halfbreed with a tail has a small advantage in a desperate fight. They've got Oozaru to fall back on. This isn't something most are going to want to rely on because Halfbreeds, unlike Saiyans, can't train themselves to control this form. (I realize there was no basis in the show for this, but that doesn't matter. We need more distinctions between Halfbreeds and Saiyans. ) So most are going to want to remove their tails, simply to remove the risk of waking up on the night of a full moon and going on a destructive rampage. Beyond this, there's no need to give much thought to tails. Keep em if you want, just stay inside and away from windows at night. >.>

Now, forms. Like Saiyans, Halfbreeds can transform into Super Saiyans, Ultra Super Saiyans and Super Saiyan Twos. This works exactly the same way as what's stated in the Saiyan thread on this board, aside from the fact that you can't go Super Saiyan Three as a Halfbreed. THERE IS AN EXCEPTION TO THIS. If two Halfbreeds fuse, there's enough Saiyan blood there to acheive Super Saiyan Three, with enough practice during the fusion. Since fusions are special, it won't take too much effort. Simply a few training sessions while fused, once we have enough people who play and know the fusion dance. If these fuse warriors really want to improve alot has one warrior they can go to SSJ4 but this will take alots of posts and time in the HyperBolic Time Chamber.

Now, the most unique thing about Halfbreeds; their final transformation. I'm sure everyone knows about the Mystic transformation that Gohan underwent (see the animation in my signature for reference) with the help of Old Kai. This transformation eliminates the need for Halfbreeds to have Super Saiyan Three, because it's a stronger form by far, though not great enough to rival Super Saiyan Four. To obtain this transformation you must have at least 35 million pl, and travel to the Supreme Kai's planet. Once there, you must seek out the Old Kai and ask for the unlocking ceremony to be performed on you. Either Maxxie or I may step in as the Kai at this point, and ask for additional tasks to be performed before you can have the ceremony performed. Once everything has been completed, we will post saying that the Old Kai has begun the ceremony. Once this happens you cannot post any training or fighting topics anywhere else. Indeed, you can't make any movements at all, or you'll disrupt the training. Simply wait a day. Once it's up, you'll see another post saying that the ceremony is complete, and you now have the power of Mystic. The transformation multiplies your power by 30, and greatly reduces the damage you take from ki attacks.

New- Also like a Saiyan, Halfbreeds will gain a large increase in power from healing from near death. (Again, credit to Toonz.) However, seeing as they're half Saiyan, they're only going to get half the increase. Healing from fatal wounds gives them 25% pl, while healing from a less crippling defeat will give them 12.5% pl gain.
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Half Breeds
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