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 Legendary Saiyan

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PostSubject: Legendary Saiyan   Sat Jan 19, 2008 10:33 pm

All right. This race is a branch off of the saiyans, and this race is very very very very VERY rare. so, becasue of this, there is a limit of 3 allowed on the site. Instead of being just a transformation, its a race, now.)(0 left)

At birth, these saiyans are born with an impressive amount of power. Several hundred thousand times that of a normal Saiyan child. However, thats just at birth. These saiyans are despized by the Saiyan leader, for they have potential to be stronger than they he is at the age of 5. These freaking monsters are born with a base powerlevel of 2,000,000.

At first, they have an original form, which is as strong as Super Saiyan. In this form their muscles become more defined and their aura grows gold. Their hair spikes up and becomes a slight purple color. In this form, the only way from preventing them is to control their minds. Simple sounding, but it may almost kill you by trying to seal them like this. However, some ways may be used to prevent this. ((x12)

The regular form of Super Saiyan, as seen in the second Broly movie, is a bit stronger of a multiplyer than normal Super Saiyan. This powerful transformation has enough power than most other races. This thing is a freaking monster, as well. This transformation is gained by the evilness within a Legendary Saiyan's mind. The evilness gives the person a larger multiplyer than normal. Their insanity seems to fade from their faces, although their insane strength is still there. this is as almost a Super Saiyan 3, but not quite. Multiplyes by 17. Obtained at 20,000,000 pl

Legendary SSJ: I'm sure most people here are familiar with these powerhouses, thanks to Broly, but for anyone who isn't, think someone about twice as bulky and much more powerful then Trunks in USSJ with hair just as crazy and a psychotic laugh and you'll be on the right track. A Legendary Super Saiyan can potentially be more powerful than a Super Saiyan 4, but of course it depends on the fighter. To attain this form, you need the same amount of pl as you would for SSJ4, but you don't need your tail and there's no need for any form beyond the first level of Super Saiyan. There's supposed to be only ONE born every thousand years, and though it's been several thousand since Broly we still don't want a horde of them running around. If they still get excessive steps will be taken to limit the number of people that can use the form. (x50) Obtained at 50,000,000 pl

LUSSJ: Legendary Ultra Super Saiyan is too scary. LUSSJ is an advanced form of LSSJ. the diffrence is the massive speed and power boost. if you thought a lssj was strong wait till you meet one of these powerhouses. They also get a small boost of ki defence. meaning simple ki attacks wont kill these guys anymore.Now i'm not talking about spirit bombing these guys that would just be a waste of ki... and your life. now a strong chou kameha or beam attack easily kills these guys. The pl boost of these guys is x70 transformation and you need a bit of energy in order to control this. Otherwise you will die. You need at least 100,000,000 pl to use this.

Legendary SSJ 3: This is the ultimate of ultimates. This is the god of all transformations. The hair is greatly longer, just as a normal Super Siayan 3. However, you have a great change. The muscle mass is very large, but you are not slowed down one bit. Your strength goes through the freaking roof with this transformation. The pupils dissapear as well as your eyebrows, giving you a feirce look. The inner power that all Saiyans wish they had is now unlocked. An ultimate power has now been unlocked. The aura grows ginormous. I mean it can be seen from Pluto with a bare eye. This can easily destroy universes at a time. Due to the large power increase, which is 120x, yoiu need 200,000,000 pl in order to even touh this one.
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Legendary Saiyan
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